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Curaçao4u - Appartement Trupial

Availability and Price


Willemstad, Willemstad, Curaçao


type of vacation

  1. Luxury Vacation Villas


  1. towels
  2. Gratis Wifi
  3. bedding


  1. terrace
  2. Garden funiture
  3. Sun loungers


  1. Curaçao


  1. Airco
  2. Smoking not allowed
  3. private parking


  1. Shower
  2. WC
  3. bathroom sink


  1. 1 double bed
  2. 2 separate single beds


  1. plates and cutlery
  2. refrigerator
  3. Kettle
  4. Pans and pots
  5. gas stove


Apartment Trupial has 2 bedrooms. The bedrooms have air conditioning and the separate kitchen has a ceiling fan. You have plenty of living space inside and outside.

We wish you a warm welcome at mini resort Curaçao4U for a wonderful relaxing holiday on Curaçao.

The resort has 6 unique holiday apartments in Curacao that are spacious and have a lot of privacy and their own outdoor space. There is a nice swimming pool and all accommodations have a good WIFI connection. So you are fully equipped in a beautiful, quiet location near Jan Thiel Beach and Willemstad. The rest of the island is also easy to discover from here. We will be available during your stay on Curacao for tips and advice so that you can get the most out of your vacation.

Trupial is set up in 2 separate rooms. In one room are the bedrooms and the bathroom. The bathroom can be reached separately from both bedrooms, via a small hallway. The kitchen is located in the other room and is fully equipped including a gas stove and refrigerator. The kitchen does not have an oven and dishwasher. A (partly) covered terrace has been created between the two rooms, with various platforms and seating areas, which are also well situated on the wind.

We have 3 young rental cars, fully equipped including air conditioning. A Kia Picanto (manual), Kia Rio (automatic) and a Hyundai Tucson (automatic).

We offer various tours on the island and are happy to help you book tours. With our own boat we provide boat trips on the Spanish Water. Other tours that we can book for you at an affordable price are: Klein Curaçao, Diving, Buggy Tours and Swimming with Dolphins.