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At home in your holiday home

At home in your holiday home

As soon as we are away for a while, we are often busy exploring the surroundings of the chosen destination. But often there is just as much to discover and do at home. This way you will feel right at home in your holiday home!

Here we give you some tips to get through the days in your holiday home without boredom.
1. Go for a walk or cycle and get a coffee to go at a local coffee shop along the way, so you immediately support smaller entrepreneurs.

2. Make it cozy in your holiday home by turning on candles and lights, making your bed or couch and putting on some nice music or a movie. Did you know that many of our holiday homes have an extra television in the bedroom?

3. Get creative and crochet, knit or sew. Maybe you can make something nice for your home that will make it even more cozy 😉 Or make your own scarf / hat to keep yourself nice and warm.

4. Bake, cook, grill, gourmet, raclette, fondue, bbq... eating is always a good idea! There is the possibility to make a campfire in almost every house!

5. Go for a pampering moment in your own home spa: take a bath, do a mask, paint nails and a foot bath. Most of our holiday homes do have a bath or sauna!

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