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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Confirmation of your booking BV will send you a booking confirmation in which you will receive information about the down payment and the total price. When we have received the deposit, the booking is confirmed and the guest is bound by the rental conditions (hereinafter referred to as booking).

To successfully complete a booking, full address details, telephone number, e-mail address and license plate number are required. These are filled in independently by BV or added to the guest data on request. Any guest data will not be passed on to third parties.

2. Down payment and remaining payment

The deposit must be transferred after the booking has been made. The deposit is 30% of the gross rent. The deposit must be received by BV within 7 days after booking confirmation. The remaining amount must reach BV no later than 60 days before arrival. The guest is in default if he has not paid on time.

If the booking is made within 60 days before the day of arrival, the full travel sum must be paid immediately.

3. Consequences in case of failed payment

The following applies to both the deposit and the remaining amount: If the guest has not paid on time, BV will send the tenant a payment reminder free of charge. The guest has the option to complete the payment within the following three calendar days. One final payment reminder will be sent. If payment has not been made after three calendar days, the booking will be canceled on the day of the delay.

4. Arrival and departure time

The arrival and departure times are announced in the booking confirmation. Any deviations from these times will be discussed with the guest and confirmed by e-mail or telephone. If special circumstances occur on the day of arrival (for example an unexpected traffic jam), BV reserves the right to change the arrival time. The guest will be informed as soon as possible via the telephone number provided.

5. Complaints and Corrections

Complaints about the accommodation must be reported to the tenant of BV within 24 hours after the complaint arose.

If the accommodation does not meet the expectations that the tenant has received through the rental agreement, BV is obliged to remedy the problem. The tenant must always give BV the opportunity to repair any problems.

If, in the opinion of the tenant, the complaint has not been properly investigated by Getstay, BV will contact the owner of the accommodation and, if necessary, mediate between the tenant and the owner in order to reach a solution. BV can, under certain circumstances, effect a financial settlement on behalf of the owner. This is expressly a work-related obligation of Get stay.

Disruptions of the utilities (gas, water and electricity) do not entitle to settlement. BV cannot be held liable for any (noise) nuisance of the rented property, even if this is caused by construction or renovation work, etc. In the event of malfunctions, defects, etc. in the central installations of the residential buildings in which the accommodations of Getstay .nl BV are established, Getstay will inform the property management as soon as possible. However, BV cannot be held responsible for the possible consequences of such situations.

6. Guest Liability

The guest is liable towards BV for loss and/or damage that occurs in the accommodation during the rental period; regardless of whether the damage was caused intentionally or accidentally. The guest is liable for himself and his fellow travellers, also for third parties who are not registered in the accommodation and also for all animals and things that are in the accommodation.

7. Cancellation process and costs

In addition to the invoiced cancellation and amendment costs on the part of the home owner, these may also be costs that B.V. to make the cancellation or change possible. These costs may also be charged if the guest does not pay on time.


1. Cancellation up to and including the 43rd day before arrival: 30% of the travel sum.
2. Cancellation 42 to 28 days before arrival: 60% of the travel sum.
3. Cancellation from 27 to the last day before the agreed rental period 90% of the travel sum.
4. For later cancellation or non-arrival, the full price including extra costs will be charged.
5. Rebooking is free up to and including 27 days before arrival. From the 26th day before arrival, BV will charge 30% of the gross rental price.

You can cancel the booking at any time before the arrival date. BV processes cancellations during working days. If a cancellation reaches us after the end of a business day, we will process the cancellation within 2 business days. The next working day is decisive for the cancellation costs.

Refund after cancellation. BV strives to refund the remainder of the rental amount within 14 days after the cancellation date.

8. Cancellation conditions by

Cancellation by Of course BV does not want to disappoint you, but it is possible that BV cancels your final booking on the first working day after your booking. In this case, your deposit/payment will be refunded. Even before the arrival date, BV can cancel the travel agreement if compliance with the agreement is not possible due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances. In this case, BV loses its right to full payment of the booking and the amount already paid will be refunded.

Get stay can cancel the booking with immediate effect in the event of unforeseen circumstances, for example if circumstances arise as a result of which the rented property is no longer available. These circumstances can be as follows: sale of the property, uninhabitable property, unforeseen termination of the lease by the owner, etc.


In the event that a substantial part of your stay is not (or no longer) possible due to problems with the holiday home, BV will look for an equivalent alternative for you. BV tries to take into account the location, class and facilities of the holiday home and the composition of the travel group as much as possible. If the alternative holiday home is of lower quality, you will be compensated. If the alternative holiday home is of a higher quality, you will be requested to pay an additional amount. In both cases you also have the option to cancel the travel agreement.


Get stay is entitled to cancel the booking immediately in writing or by e-mail or to request the immediate vacancy of the accommodation if the guest seriously violates his obligations for the accommodation, for example if there are more or different people and/or animals in the apartment. are accommodated as agreed, or if he causes damage to the accommodation, if he causes a nuisance, or if he fails to fulfill other obligations as a guest. In such a case, the guest is not entitled to a refund of the (partial) rent and is obliged to pay compensation for damage caused by negligence or act. The owner can also be represented by Get stay in the execution of all rights and obligations.

10. Details and contact BV is a broker in the field of (holiday) apartments and additional services on behalf of the owner.



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